River Garden is passionate about helping seniors with their health and living needs.

Our admissions team is here to answer any questions you might have regarding your loved one’s care, therapy, or stay out our nursing home in Jacksonville, FL.

Traditional Long-Term Care and Alzheimer’s/Memory Care

•   Call Admissions for an appointment to begin the application process and tour the Home. Whenever possible, the prospective resident needs to participate.
•   Application will be assessed for care needs by our Interdisciplinary Team.
•   Application will be presented to our Admissions Committee.
•   Once an applicant is approved, the admission approval is good for up to eighteen months.

Short-Stay Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

Planned Hospitalization: 
If you think you may need post hospital care before returning home, contact our Admissions office when you schedule your hospitalization. We will work with you and your family to help ensure there will be a room for you upon discharge from the hospital.

Unscheduled Hospitalization: 
As soon as possible following admission to the hospital, ask the hospital social worker/discharge planner to call River Garden’s Admissions office. A registered nurse from our Admissions office will assess your needs and be available to answer any questions.

When applicable, Medicare parts A & B will be billed. We also participate in a number of managed care plans.

Admissions – Forms

The following Admissions forms are available to download and complete.

For questions or immediate assistance, please call the Admissions department at (904) 886-8419.

River Garden / Wolfson Health & Aging Center

For further information, please call (904) 886-8419

Getting Started

Wonderful environment! When I came here for therapy after having my stroke, many touched my heart forever. Everyone was kind caring and worked hard with me during treatment, encouraging me to reach my goals. Aferdita Mirashi was always smiling and helpful, kind, friendly and hard-working
– Sylvia Beder

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