As 2016 Comes to a Close…

Dear Colleagues,

As most people are aware, the recently completed state/federal annual inspection of River Garden Hebrew Home resulted in a deficiency free survey report. Congratulations to the finest care community in the state and to the finest caregivers in the field! What’s especially noteworthy is that this was the first inspection where government surveyors were issued River Garden computers and used those computers in reviewing resident/patient clinical records. There is no question that electronic health records will continue to expand and play an ever more significant role in clinical care. A special thank you to Carol Thomas, Chief Nursing Officer, who has championed electronic health records throughout the Home and to all who have taken the lead in helping us advance this new technology.

Thank you to our Human Resources Department for the employee benefits fair held earlier this month. Once again this year, Kelli, Amanda and Doriana did a terrific job making it possible for our staff to review their company benefits and make changes as necessary. And a very special thank you to our staff in Human Resources and Dining Services for our lovely annual holiday party. Kurt, Dan, Norberto and their staff cooked up a real feast and we’re so very grateful.

As we approach the holidays and new year we’re invariably drawn to family and friends. Susan joins me in wishing all of our staff and their loved ones a new year filled with health, happiness and peace, here in our country and throughout the world.

Marty Goetz, CEO

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