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As 2016 Comes to a Close…

Dear Colleagues,

As most people are aware, the recently completed state/federal annual inspection of River Garden Hebrew Home resulted in a deficiency free survey report. Congratulations to the finest care community in the state and to the finest caregivers in the field! What’s especially noteworthy is that this was the first inspection where government surveyors were issued River Garden computers and used those computers in reviewing resident/patient clinical records. There is no question that electronic health records will Continue reading

See you at the Jacksonville Suns

We’re looking forward to Friday June 3rd and “River Garden Night with the Jacksonville Suns.” Tickets are only $5, and include a fabulous Continue reading

Time for my annual vaccination

Many of you who know me are aware of my general distaste for injections. I hate injections, absolutely hate them. My fear around needles is irrational and goes back to my early childhood, well before modern disposable ultra-sharp needles came onto the market.

And so why am I writing about needles in my second blog? Because River Garden will Continue reading

Greetings from the CEO – Let’s start a conversation

In creating an Internet Blog, I’m seeking to use social media to reach out and promote conversation and dialogue directly with River Garden staff. Over time, I’m planning to write on many subjects, mostly dealing with River Garden life. Please feel free to respond to my musings and share your thoughts with me and your colleagues on staff.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Health Care for All: The Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ObamaCare, requires that all Americans maintain a minimal level of health care insurance. While I would have preferred a Continue reading

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