Planned Giving

Our Founders understood that they were creating a community asset which, if cared for properly, would proudly hold itself out in service to the Jacksonville community for generations to come. They also recognized that as River Garden grew and matured it would become a cornerstone in sustaining quality of life in the community by linking generations together.

Donating to the endowment fund helps to ensure that River Garden will sustain the high quality of care and quality of life for residents that our community has come to expect.

Please help create your own legacy by remembering River Garden in your estate planning. We encourage the creation of bequests to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of our care community. Leaving a bequest enables you to create a permanent legacy that can help River Garden forever.

We encourage you to consult with River Garden Foundation staff regarding any specific questions you may have on selecting a suitable commemorative.

For more information, please call (904) 886-8432 or send an email to

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