Time for my annual vaccination

Many of you who know me are aware of my general distaste for injections. I hate injections, absolutely hate them. My fear around needles is irrational and goes back to my early childhood, well before modern disposable ultra-sharp needles came onto the market.

And so why am I writing about needles in my second blog? Because River Garden will shortly begin immunizing residents, staff and contract personnel against influenza. And as emotionally painful as I find the thought of an injection, I find the thought of potentially being the source of introducing influenza into River Garden ever more painful.

All River Garden staff and regular contract personnel are required to be in compliance with our Influenza Immunization policy and we  make the vaccine available at no charge. This is one of those opportunities where all of us can do our part to protect our residents, and each other, from the devastating effects associated with an influenza epidemic. Please keep an eye out for notices of our upcoming vaccination program and do your part to help protect yourself, your family and our community. I welcome your thoughts……Marty

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